Double Bonus Spin Roulette is an online gambling establishment.

Over the years, game developers have attempted to adapt and modify a number of the casino’s most popular betflik68 games in order to offer new twists to known classics. Blackjack spawned games such as Super Fun 21, Crapless Craps has become a popular variant of its namesake, while poker has spawned a multitude of table games on the casino floor.

Roulette is one game that has been mostly exempt from this tendency. In a brick-and-mortar casino, you’ll notice a large number of players clustered around the roulette wheels, but they’re all playing the same game, with the exception of fancy display boards and electronic versions of the game. IGT has devised a variety of methods to spice up this game in the online environment, including Double Bonus Spin Roulette.

Black, red, and green…and yellow?

A cursory glance at the UI of Double Bonus Spin Roulette would lead you to believe that this is a standard version of the game. The numerals 1-36 are still there, along with a zero and a double zero, making this arrangement most similar to the American form. All of the standard wagers are available, including with “French bets” and the splits and a€oedragona€ wagers often seen on IGT’s tables. All of these wagers have the same payout rate as conventional roulette games.

However, a closer look shows a significant difference: the wheel has a large yellow pocket. This relates to the bonus wager, which is located above the zeros on the layout. This wager is what makes this game so distinctive, as it adds an additional element: the possibility to win a jackpot-style prize on every spin.

Initial rewards on this wager are modest: 12-1 for a straight bet on this location, 6-1 for a split wager between this spot and a zero, and 4-1 for a split wager between this spot and both zeros. This is slightly offset by the fact that the yellow pocket is 50 percent bigger than all the others, making it easier to strike the bonus; but, this first reward is still far less than what you would get if you bet on any other number or combination.

Special Round Provides Twice the Opportunities to Win

The greatest advantage of triggering the bonus is realized after the first payment. The wheel will then extend to become two wheels. Each will spin, and the ball will land in a pocket that corresponds to the outcomes on each ring of numbers. These are the winning numbers for the bonus round.

Any wagers placed during the usual spin will now be settled based on the newly chosen numbers. In addition, extra payments are awarded if the yellow area is touched repeatedly. If one wheel lands on yellow, the payoff is increased to 120-1, and if both wheels fall on yellow, you’ll get an amazing 1,200-1 payment.

It’s wonderful to have the chance to win such a large jackpot on every spin, but that’s not the only way this feature benefits you. Realizing that you can have free opportunities to win additional money on all of your other bets is the key to taking advantage of it. That means that each time you hit the bonus, you are effectively receiving two free spins – something that few land-based casinos would be prepared to do!

Player-Friendly Payouts Create an Outstanding Game

Even though they seem more entertaining, customized variations of regular gambling games are often worse for the player. According to an ancient saying, a casino wouldn’t offer players a wager unless they had some kind of edge, and side bets and gimmicks are almost always worse for gamblers than the major wagers in a particular game.

We are pleased to report that Double Bonus Spin Roulette is an exception to this rule. Typically, players should avoid games with two zeros, but this variant has a house advantage of less than 2 percent when the bonus bet is played. This makes the game superior to normal roulette with a single zero; only games with la partage or en jail rules give higher possibilities of winning throughout a session.

This makes this game something of a rarity: a more thrilling, more enjoyable version of a classic game that also provides excellent odds, making it an excellent option for both casual and serious gamers. If you like roulette and are playing at an IGT casino, we highly suggest you give this game a go.

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